Your Vision Requires Your Focus

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

Focus is defined as the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.

These days with so much going on in the world, it has been hard to focus in on the things that once were priorities to us. More specifically, the things that we thought we would make a priority in 2020 were sidetracked by COVID. Now that we are almost three months into the new year, let us think about the things that we want to accomplish and start working on what we need to do to get there.

God gave me the vision for my business in 2018. I was so excited and so ready to get to work putting together these ideas that were rushing through my head. I began researching other businesses and signing up for design apps. Spending money on an idea that I had not sat down to map out. What happens when you start working on an idea with no kind of clear outline of what you want to do and laying out steps of how you can get there? You burn out…FAST. You quickly begin to realize that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing nor an idea of how to do it and you get frustrated. For me, I felt like I was not doing enough when the truth was that I was not doing the right things. What 2020 helped me realize was that I needed to slow down and figure out HOW to build a business and HOW to build a brand. So that is what I have been doing over the past few months. Although this may take me some time to get to where I want to be, I know that doing this in a more structured way will help me get off the ground.

I will have to push myself, pull myself out of ruts and figure out how to focus even through thoughts of doubt and negativity but my goal is to make it.  My goal is to build a brand that can be fruitful to my children and generations to come.


Let’s Work.



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